Policies and Procedures

We learned in January 2018 that we do not need Bylaws, as we are an “informal” group of representatives from actual AAUW Branches (Affiliates) in our county. So, the previous governing document was revised and  this is our current document. It can also be downloaded as a .pdf fle.


Preface: The Alameda County County Interbranch Council  (IBC) of the American Association of University Women is an informal organization uniting representatives of the AAUW affiliates in our county to work together to support the mission of AAUW and to share similar experiences for the educational benefit of member branches. It is NOT a formal affiliate of AAUW, and is not required to be one. No action shall be taken by the council which is in conflict with the policies and principles of the  American Association of University Women or AAUW California.

These policies are decisions regarding questions that occur regularly and locally. They may be changed by a majority vote at a meeting where a quorum is present. This policy should be reviewed biennially.

Membership and Voting

Membership consists of representatives from each of the affiliates located in Alameda County, California. Branches may have multiple representatives, but only one member of each branch can vote on IBC actions. Voting members are to be indicated on the roll taken at the beginning of each meeting.


Guests are welcome to attend IBC meetings and may be members of committees or officers of AAUW California, representatives of colleges or universities that are AAUW partners and located within the county, general members or friends of the affiliate branches of Alameda County, or officers of other affiliate branches in California. Guests may attend free of charge and have no vote.


Interbranch Council dues are set by the membership size of each branch:

Less than 50              $15
50 – 99                        $25
100 – 175                    $30
176 – 250                    $35
251 – 325                    $40
326 – above                 $45


The IBC meets bi-monthly, September through May at ADA accessible locations convenient to members. A schedule of meetings for the following year (July 1 – June 30) will be adopted at the May meeting. The treasurer will also be elected in May, so they can complete annual financial reports due in July and prepare a budget for adoption by the IBC in September. Officers and/or any committee shall meet as they deem necessary, preferably adjacent to a full council. Notices of meetings and the proposed agenda will be distributed to regular attendees of IBC meetings and AAUW CA committee members or officers/directors during the week prior to a scheduled meeting.The AAUW California state directory will be used to communicate with the AAUW CA committee members or officers/directors. It is posted online at the AAUW-CA website: http://aauw-ca.org. The chair of the upcoming meeting will distribute the notices. Regular meetings must not conflict with branch board meetings.The meeting notice should outline agenda items and include the date and location of meetings.The agenda should include a review of minutes of the previous meeting, a treasurer’s report, branch sharing, AAUW California updates, briefings, local issues and council activities. A quorum shall consist of official representatives of a majority of member affiliates.

  • Officers and Job Descriptions

The officers of the council shall consist of a chair, a vice chair (optional), a secretary and a treasurer or persons to carry out the necessary work of the council. As an alternative, the offices of the chair, vice chair, and secretary can rotate among the branches during the program year. Officers (except Treasurer) will be elected at the September IBC meeting. Each officer must be a member in good standing of an Alameda County AAUW affiliate but need not be the official representative of that affiliate. In addition, a liaison to AAUW California will be selected in May, so they can attend the state leadership summer event and be listed in the state directory as the IBC contact.   

Chair. The chair shall preside at each meeting of the council, shall have the usual executive powers of supervision and management and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the council.

Vice Chair. The vice chair, in the absence of the chair, shall preside at the council meetings and shall perform such other duties as the chair or the council may direct.

Secretary. The secretary shall record and keep the minutes of the council meetings and shall perform such other duties as the chair or the council may direct. Minutes shall be distributed to administrative contacts for each member branch and regular IBC attendees.

Treasurer. The treasurer will provide a written account at each meeting or distribute by email in advance. The treasurer shall send notices to affiliates, collect dues, disburse monies in a timely fashion, and keep the financial books of the council and comply with all AAUW California financial requirements.  This position cannot be rotated among the branches of the council. S/he shall send an end-of-year financial report to the state chief financial officer. S/he shall perform such other duties as the chair or the council may direct.

Committees/Task Forces

There shall be established such standing and special committees and task forces as the council directs. Committee/task force chairs and members may be appointed by the chair with the approval of the council.  Any branch member in good standing may be appointed.

Financial Administration

Fiscal Year. The fiscal year shall correspond with that of AAUW:  July 1 through June 30.

Financial Policies. The Council will maintain a bank account. The Council shall set and maintain policies and procedures to control financial records consistent with generally accepted accounting principles and federal, state, and local laws including an annual financial review.

Budget. The Council shall adopt an annual budget in September.

Insurance. The IBC  is covered under the AAUW CA umbrella insurance policy through branch participation in the AAUW CA insurance programs. The IBC must obtain separate insurance coverage for activities and projects not covered under the AAUW CA insurance coverage.

Fundraising. Because the IBC is not an AAUW-affiliated entity, any fundraising activities undertaken must be conducted under the auspices of a  constituent AAUW-affiliated branch, and donors must be clearly informed whether their gifts are tax deductible and under which entity’s status that deduction is authorized — that is, which 501(c)(3) AAUW-affiliated entity. Such solicitation for funds MUST be made ONLY through an IRS -designated branch affiliate, NOT through the IBC.

Candidate and Issues Endorsement Policy

Section 1. Authority.  Alameda County Interbranch Council, in accordance with AAUW policy, may endorse county candidates for non-partisan elective or appointive office or support county issues which fall under AAUW California public policy principles and action priorities. Incorporated public benefit branches should check with legal counsel before joining IBC endorsements.

Section 2.  Guidelines. In order to receive Alameda County Interbranch Council’s endorsement, candidates or issues must be in accord with the Mission Statement, legislative priorities and legislative guidelines of AAUW and the state.


        A. A committee appointed by the Chair will formulate a list of questions and send by registered mail, return signature requested, a packet to all candidates and issue representatives at least two months before the election.  This packet will include the list of questions, a copy of these endorsement policies, the AAUW use of name policy, a request for written answers to the list of questions and a deadline for returning the materials requested.

         B. The Chair shall send all branch presidents the candidates’ written answers as soon as possible after the return deadline but at least two weeks before the next IBC meeting.

          C. At the next IBC meeting, branch presidents or their representatives shall vote to endorse. A 2/3 vote is required for endorsement. The council may choose to endorse no candidate or more than one candidate.

          D. Alameda County Interbranch Council shall contribute neither money nor anything of material value to any candidate for elective office, partisan or non-partisan.

Revised:  November, 1988
Revised:  November, 1992
Revised:  November 17, 1998
Revised:  January 17, 2006
Revised:  May 21, 2013
Revised:  May 15, 2018